In the interest of time..

“In one line, nothing gets together, nothing scatters” – Kazuaki Tanahashi, known for his one-stroke paintings / calligraphy

Kazuaki Tanahashi – Dot

7 thoughts on “In the interest of time..

  1. Great to see that you are still fascinated by the concept of “time”….and its relative speed. I still look at your “Speed of Thought” drawing and it makes me wonder.

    Is there such a thing as time ‘out there’….some ‘thing’ in which events happen… or is it a complete illusion constructed by the senses, thought, and memory?

  2. Dr.Cook! Thanks for finding my website! I’m so happy to hear that you still have my little drawing. I happened to watch this documentary at the Smithsonian IMAX on Black Holes. They talked about the ‘bending’ of time in space. What I didn’t understand was if there is a way to measure this bending, if it bends in certain increments or even in a certain pattern, it makes me wonder if there is a natural ‘order’ or time involved in everything….

  3. Your drawing is on the wall in our house in Thailand. One of my favorites because it reminds me of the enigma of ‘thought’….where it comes from….where it goes….And ‘time’ is part of the whole show. Einstein, who changed the way time is perceived, said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Yet he continued to investigate this illusion….shows just how persistent it is.

    What strikes me, is that ‘time’, a concept–and no more that that– is created by the senses and mind connecting rapidly appearing images/impressions (like the separate frames of a movie…the ‘speed of thought’). With our limited range of sensory perception, we can’t see the disconnectedness of events. Then the mind attributes some ‘thingness’, to this creation….and scientists try to measure this creation of the mind. The mind has even invented the clock (a ‘precise’ instrument) to create the impression that ‘time’ can be measured….Clocks are things….moving hands ‘show’ time moving….How can our minds doubt that?

    Tanahashi was right, saying that “nothing gets together”. Mind connects the dots–that aren’t physically connected. So, how does an artist deal with a concept that is merely the illusion created by mind/thought? I would imagine that it can bend…if mind wants it to bend. It’s our creation, and we can make it do what we want to believe it can do :-).

  4. I agree that clocks are a human construct..and we do perceive a connection in things that are not physically connected, our brains inverse the things we see with our eyes, so that we can see the way we do now. However, as an artist I guess to answer your question, I guess I am not satisfied with thinking that it is all in our minds…

    Where I am as of now and it may change in the future, is to strive for a balance between the objective and the subjective. The multiple truths that our minds can perceive versus the multiple truths that are maybe inherent outside of the human mind.

    I am honoured that you have the drawing in your house in Thailand 🙂

  5. Yes. Even though it may all be ‘in our minds’, time appears to be there. I wonder if (and I’m not an art critic or expert at all) some of Dali’s weird clock paintings were an attempt to come to terms with or represent the concept of time.

    It’s not an easy thing to tackle as an artist. Landscapes are a better choice 🙂

    Multiple truths are mesy, aren’t they.

    I was honored that you would give me a creation of yours. 🙂

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