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Blue Marble: San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Remembered Lines "..one must live to build one's house, and not build one's house to live in." - Gaston Bachelard ... Details

New Work

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Memory and fragmentation

Things remembered from certain places one has inhabited, can be re-imagined (fragmented) to transform the physical reali... Details

Monster Drawing Rally, Outpost@Armory, June 1st

On Sunday, June 1st, I will be participating in the Monster Drawing Rally. You will have the opportunity to watch art b... Details

Intervals, Llano del Rio

This year (2014), Craftswoman House in partnership with Hinterculture organized an event called "Squaring the Circle" t... Details

Squaring the Circle

Here's a link to the expedition map. https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zgLAjR2UiONA.ksTl7TSUtGLo Parkin... Details

Squaring the Circle, Llano del Rio project site visit

A preliminary visit to the site of the first socialist colony ever to be established in the United States. It was a bea... Details

Drawing as ‘seeing’

Heavy floats Formless forms Distorted whole Represented reality Drawing as a way of seeing; Realities questioned as... Details

"The body's footing feels so secure that the mind naturally interprets the daily bobbing up and down of the Sun, the Moo... Details

"Indeed we should accept misfortune not only in thanks, but in infinite gratitude to Providence, which by such means det... Details


Thinking of rail roads, subways/metros as drawing.... Anyone who has played a game of pictionary knows how drawing ca... Details


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Works in progress, 2012

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The Mansion at Strathmore, Rockville

My interest in paradoxes that manifest as objects, events, spaces or places is explored through a dual existence of a gr... Details

Strathmore Residency program – opens to public: July 16th, 2011

The residency program is now open to the public starting today July 16th. Weekend hours at Strathmore are different from... Details

Residency mock up

Still have a few more drawings to finish, but nearing the end of making drawings for this particular installation for ... Details

Ted Garber’s CD Release party at Strathmore

At resident musician Ted Garber's CD release party, the resident visual artists at Strathmore, contributed by exhibi... Details

Contrapunctus XIV

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDSAXtsDB5k&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbM3VTIvOBk "A mel... Details

Duplication, deferring

A study on making multiples of an image by tracing. Each drawing is different from the other. Certain basic criteria are... Details